The PIEPS FIRST AID PRO is an emergency kit for First Aid on tour. The high quality filling with included Alu-Synthetic-Splint is perfect for outdoor activities.


  • Available as FIRST AID PRO (filled) or as FIRST-AID SPLINT (unfilled)
  • Big handle for use with gloves
  • Two main compartments for better arrangement and overview
  • Stow pocket for Alu-Synthetic Splint
  • Splint keeps the main compartments open
  • Additional small inner compartments
  • High quality filling for First Aid on tour: 1 x cohesive dressing, 2 x adhesive bandages, 3 x skin closures, 1 x tape, 2 x wound dressings, 2 x blister adhesive bandages, 1 x triangular bandage, 1 x bandage scissors, 1 x rescue blanket, 1 x protective gloves, 1 x first-aid tweezers, 1 x personal resuscitator, 1 x splint
Dimensions (mm, LxWxH): 
260 x 180 x 75
Weight (g): 
450 I 230
front: red - black, back: yellow - black
RipStop Nylon

Best advice when buying your avalanche emergency equipment in one of our PIEPS Service Center.