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80,00  incl. tax

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Dimensions (mm, LxBxH):
260 x 180 x 75
Weight (g):
RipStop nylon

Available as FIRST-AID PRO (filled) or as FIRST-AID SPLINT (unfilled)

  1. Large handle – can be operated even with gloves on
  2. Two main compartments for tidiness and overview
  3. Stowage possibility for aluminum synthetic splint
  4. Additional small inner compartments

High quality filling for first aid on the go: 1 x adhesive bandage, 2 x Band-aids, 3 x cut strips, 1 x tape, 2 x wound dressing, 2 x blister pads, 1 x 3-corner cloth, 1 x bandage scissors, 1 x rescue blanket, 1 x protective gloves, 1 x medical tweezers, 1 x resuscitation cloth, 1 x splint