The PIEPS iPROBE BT is the electronic probe with an acoustic and visual hit indicator for a faster companion rescue and enables a wireless device management via Bluetooth and PIEPS-APP.



with PIEPS 100 cm and 40 cm marker.



Optical & Acoustic hit-indicator

to every transmitting beacon (according to standard EN300718).
Probe tip with integrated receiver locates every avalanche transceiver.


WIRELESS Device Management

via Bluetooth and PIEPS-APP.


Part of the PIEPS
Fastest Rescue System:



  • Bluetooth
  • Auto-Switch ON/OFF
  • Multiple burials support through automatic sleep-mode of PIEPS beacons with iPROBE support (configurable via PIEPS-APP)
  • Centimeter scale for reading burial depth and as centimeter measurement for snow profiles
  • Easy and fast assembly of the probe
  • Speed-cone-system for quick extension
  • Quick-closing latch for reliable locking of the probe
  • Compact fixable with elastic closure buckle
  • Software updates



    Tube diameter (mm): 
    Length (cm): 
    Probing-length (cm, mechanical + electronical) : 
    Weight (g): 
    Power supply: 
    1 Alkaline AA
    Battery lifetime (min. h) : 
    Approaching range (m): 
    Targeting range: 
    max. 50 cm to 0 cm
    Receiving frequency (kHz): 
    Temperature range: 
    -20 °C to +45 °C | -4 °F to +113 °F

    When probing with the PIEPS iPROBE a continuous signal & a steady light indicate a "hit".
    Even if the buried person isn't struck with the probe, this is the starting signal for digging! You save time at companion rescue!


    60% time saving at pinpointing & probing! 

    The search time is reduced significantly by using the PIEPS iPROBE in pinpointing!
    2/3 of the entire search time from the initial signal is spent for fine search and pinpointing.


    Average duration for fine search and pinpointing

      with classical probe with PIEPS iPROBE Time saving
    Fine search 52s 21s 60%
    Pinpointing 29s 12s 60%

    in dependence of the probe type (Source: PIEPS)


    fig.1) Spreading in Percentage of search times with classical probe and with PIEPS iPROBE (Source: PIEPS, DAV)

    fig. 2) CONCLUSION: The entire search-time can be reduced significantly by using PIEPS iPROBE!

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