The PIEPS SHOVEL C660 with telescopic and C-handle is the perfect shovel for effective companion rescue. The shovel guarantees a light weight and optimum stability.



enables easy handling, even with the thickest gloves

Telescopic handle 

with oval profile avoids twisting while shoveling


Quick lock system

connects handle and blade without pressing the buttons 




  1. Rescue sledge function
  2. Hoe function
  3. Non-slip foot rest
  4. Rip Stop
  5. Pronounced center ridge
  6. Integrated bottle opener
  7. Special surface coating
  8. Sharpened edges


Blade weight (g): 
Handle length (cm): 
Handle weight (g): 
Weight (g): 
Shovel blade width: 
28,5 x 21,5 x 6

Systematic Digging

Start digging from the side of the probe and at a distance downhill from the probe equal to the indicated depth of burial.

  • Organize and coordinate digging
  • Start beside the probe

  • Work quickly but not hastily (efficiency, energy management)


If several diggers are available, the positions should be exchanged in a clockwise direction.

Best advice when buying your avalanche emergency equipment in one of our PIEPS Service Center.