Since 2005 PIEPS is offering improvements and further developments for the software of our PIEPS beacons. Now we are extending this well-approved service, so that also the avalanche backpack JetForce can be updated to the latest stage of development.


With your safety in mind our R&D team is constantly working on improving the software to reflect and incorporate all our experiences in the field. The Software-Update is free of charge and is available at our selected Service Centers (see attached list). Further you can reach out to the Retail Store where you bought your pack to get the latest update.


The new software version provides the following improvements:



  • System optimization in the areas of system activation, self-test, motor control

  • “Storage Mode” function for long-term storage, more than 5 weeks (Storage Mode’ function, that when activated will significantly reduce the amount of current the system draws during long term storage, thus reducing the likelihood that long term storage will result in a dead battery)



  • Corrects a bug that will cause the system to display an incorrect state of charge of the battery after long term storage (> 8 months)


The update is on all systems without a serial number label on the back panel and on all systems with the following serial number on the inside back panel:

  • All serial numbers ≤ 162480056590
  • Serial numbers from 163480157217 to 163480157318


We recommend checking all JetForce packs before the season starts and get the latest software version.