18 years ago, the SAAC - Snow & Alpine Awareness Camps to raise awareness about alpine dangers - was initiated in Innsbruck. By now the free avalanche camp series has attracted attention beyond the borders of Tyrol. More than 25 free two-day courses take place every winter in Tyrol, Vorarlberg, South Tyrol, Salzburg, Lower Austria and Bavaria on the SAAC-calendar (we are steadly working on an expansion of number of camps and place). The SAAC Basic Camps take place exlusively in small groups and are guided by state-certified ski and mountain guides. Interested freeriders and ski tourers get valuable tools and information about the dangers and the proper behavior off-piste.


PIEPS has been one of the reliable and indispensable partners of SAAC. The management of the free SAAC basic camps is only possible with the support of such partners. SAAC can rely on a partner who fosters product development for years by working with professionals (eg. UIAGM mountain guides). Thereby, we can rely on an emergency equipment with advanced technology, quality and reliability. Part of the SAAC Camps is the correct handling of the recommended emergency equipment in case of an avalanche accident, should something actually happen. (Lucky Rauscher)


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