In case of an emergency the companion rescue is a very important factor: A burial has  to be found and rescued within 15 minutes. To be prepared for the next winter, attend a special PIEPS Avalanche Training in cooperation with SAAC.

Training aim: Get knowledge about the functionality and the physical background of avalanche transceivers and their impact in practical use.

Training content: Performance of all beacons on the market by comparison; physical limits of all beacons regarding range, distance indication and different ways of marking.

Requirements: Interest in the right use of your safety equipment.

Registration and participation :

To participate at the PIEPS SAAC avalanche training it is necessary to register your purchased PIEPS DSP PRO / DSP SPORT on the PIEPS Service Portal and to do a free warranty extension.

Promotion Period: 03/11/2014  to 01/12/2014

Simply log on PIEPS Service Portal, select the desired training date and participate in the competition. The courses will be drawn in early December and the winner will be informed by email.