Ralph Backstrom

Ralph grew up with his family of true outdoor lovers in the rugged Pacific North West of the USA. After moving to Squaw Valley, Ralph became part of the growing snowboard freeride scene.

Ralph took part in a long list of prestigious freeride film productions, and his competitive career culminated in the Freeride World Champion title in 2013. He currently competes on the Freeride World Tour.


An analog Pieps was actually the first avalanche transceiver I ever put in my hand, roughly 25 years ago when my parents were on the ski patrol in Washington.  Pieps is now at the forefront of integrating the current technology available into the equipment that backcountry enthusiasts use and depend on for their safety, myself included. 

The many features of the Pieps JetForce packs-- ease of international travel, rechargeable with electricity source instead of different gas sources that can be scarce, visual power indication, multiple pulls, and the inflation and deflation features-- make it my airbag system of choice.