Neil Williman

Neil was born in '86 in New Zealand and still is not dead. He learnt to ski at a place that had a rope and tractor engine to get up hill, and no piste. Before that he managed to get a degree in Natural Resource Engineering from the University of Canterbury, and a self education in Freeride from the Club Fields of Canterbury. And since then.... well not all those who wander are lost. All over he've been wandering, though mainly in Europe, and meandering on and off the Freeride World Tour.

I'm stoked to now be partnered with PIEPS because it makes me and my friends safer, and the people that work there are cool cats that like to ski too. If I'm not skiing then maybe mountaineering, surfing, fire dancing, playing gutair, being outside or travelling. Generally just not being one dimensional.

What am I doing right now? Neil on Facebook: