„PIEPS is a tradition-rich Austrian company that operates in the Snow Safety sector. Its development focuses on close collaboration between technical experts from PIEPS and practical users, and has done for more than 45 years. For PIEPS, intuitive search technology, very low weight, very compact design, app-control and BT connection have become the key performance parameters for extraordinary ease of use and high-speed recognition in practice. A new generation of avalanche rescue beacons is now available in the form of the PIEPS MICRO. Another leap forward in technology and a contribution to increasing safety for snow and outdoor enthusiasts.“

– Markus Eck, Managing Director

The Austrian company Pieps GmbH is considered a global leader in technology in manufacturing avalanche rescue beacons. The company has been developing, producing and distributing products for safety in ice and snow for 45 years, on a global scale.


In 1968, in collaboration with the Technical University of Vienna, PIEPS developed its first avalanche beacon, which was successfully introduced to the market in 1971. In 2003, PIEPS was the first company worldwide to launch the first 3-antenna beacon with digital signal processing and an integrated MARK and SCAN function.


The unique electronic avalanche probe PIEPS iPROBE, which reduces search time by up to 60% and drastically increases the chance of survival is another product innovation offered by PIEPS.


In Winter 2014, the avalanche airbag market was also revolutionized with the introduction of PIEPS JetForce: the first electronic avalanche airbag technology with a jet- fan that only uses ambient air to inflate, making it possible to trigger the device multiple times.


Further product innovations were introduced in 2016. Alongside the new shovels with a unique C-handle, a small and light 3-antenna beacon with sensor and Bluetooth technology was also brought to the market.


The company’s internal development department and its own production competency centre in Lebring, Austria, which collaborate closely with professionals from various mountaineering segments, lay the foundation for this success.


All products are also developed and produced under the guiding principle of PREMIUM ALPINE PERFORMANCE.