The PIEPS TX600 is a mini-transmitter with motion sensor for dogs and equipment that is transmitting out of the standard EN300718. The PIEPS TX600 provides safety for all dogs in mission and on tour (avalanche rescue dogs, hunting dogs, powder dogs, etc.) and is perfect for equipment (equipment depot, snowmobiles, etc.).

  • Mini-transmitter: frequency 456.00 Hz
  • Motion sensor
  • The PIEPS TX600 can be received with every PIEPS DSP PRO and PIEPS DSP (version 8.2)
  • The PIEPS TX600 never infl uences active search operations!
  • Safety for all dogs in mission and on tour (avalanche and rescue dogs, hunting dogs,...)


Carrying recommendation if PIEPS BACKUP and PIEPS TX600 are used together

If the PIEPS BACKUP and the PIEPS TX600 are used together*, a minimum distance of 50 cm between the devices should be kept, to avoid mutual impact.

* Example:

A rescuer carries a PIEPS BACKUP as protection in case of a secondary avalanche and contemporary uses a PIEPS TX600 as material transmitter in his backpack. To avoid a mutual impact, PIEPS recommends wearing the PIEPS BACKUP in a closed trouser pocket and the PIEPS TX600 in the lid pocket of the backpack to guarantee a minimum distance of 50 cm between these two devices.