The small and lightweight PIEPS TOUR and PIEPS TOUR T are the perfect shovels for ski tours in low and high mountain regions.

  • Ergonomic shape
  • A special aluminium alloy and a special coating assure extreme durability as well as lowest possible weight
  • The shovel has its own place in the special safety gear compartment in every PIEPS backpack
T-handle with oval profile avoids twisting while shovelling
Rip Stop coating for perfect grip
Quick lock without pressing the buttons that connect handle and blade
Special surface coating
Sharpened edges for easier cutting of hard and compressed snow
Four holes for rescue purposes
  • Technical Data Description: TOUR I TOUR-T
  • Weight: 520g I 635g
  • Shovel blade width: 22 cm I 22 cm
  • Compact handle length: 45 cm I optional
  • Telescopic handle length: optional I 72 cm
  • Shovel blade weight: 300 g I 300 g
  • Telescopic handle weight: -- I 335 g