The PIEPS DSP is the first patented3-antenna-transceiver (2003) worldwide with integrated mark and scan function for easiest use at companion rescue.

  • Range: The DSP has a maximum, digital range – circular, in all directions
  • Direction and distance indication from the start
  • 3 antennas allow exact pinpointing
  • Search-strip width: 50 meters (without turning and swivelling the DSP)
  • iPROBE Support: The DSP (Software 5.0) can be temporarily deactivated by the PIEPS iPROBE ONE and the searcher can focus on the next strongest signal
  • Unique Self-Check: All major functions are tested during power-on: transmitting frequency, all antennas, amplifiers and processors
  • Frequency measurement checks the transmitting frequency (extended transceiver check)
  • Mark and Scan function as additional support in multiple burial scenarios
  • Check and Update possibility to the latest firmware

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