The PIEPS BACKUP is a mini-transmitter (Frequency 457 kHz) that is worn directly on the body in conjunction with your beacon. The PIEPS BACKUP only transmits in an emergency.

Therefore PIEPS provides the first 100% solution in case of a secondary avalanche.


The PIEPS BACKUP detects an emergency (“no motion“ and “ no transmitting beacon nearby“): Only then will the PIEPS BACKUP start to transmit (457khz)!

  • The PIEPS BACKUP can be combined with every standard beacon.
  • Active search operations are never influenced.
  • The PIEPS BACKUP may only be used in combination with an avalanche transceiver.


Only if a rescuer wears an active transmitter, the rescuer is perfectly equipped in case of a secondary avalanche.


Carrying recommendation if PIEPS BACKUP and PIEPS TX600 are used together

If the PIEPS BACKUP and the PIEPS TX600 are used together*, a minimum distance of 50 cm between the devices should be kept, to avoid mutual impact.

* Example:

A rescuer carries a PIEPS BACKUP as protection in case of a secondary avalanche and contemporary uses a PIEPS TX600 as material transmitter in his backpack. To avoid a mutual impact, PIEPS recommends wearing the PIEPS BACKUP in a closed trouser pocket and the PIEPS TX600 in the lid pocket of the backpack to guarantee a minimum distance of 50 cm between these two devices.